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  1. There are several causes for a tracheal deviation, and the condition often presents along with difficulty breathing, coughing and abnormal breath sounds.
  2. In some open circuit scuba systems this can happen quite suddenly, from a normal breath to the next abnormal breath, a breath which may not be fully drawn . ( There is never any difficulty exhaling ).
  3. There is a lack of consensus however, regarding the suggested link between IBS and SIBO . Other authors concluded that the abnormal breath results so common in IBS patients do not suggest SIBO, and state that " abnormal fermentation timing and dynamics of the breath test findings support a role for abnormal intestinal bacterial distribution in IBS . " There is general consensus that breath tests are abnormal in IBS; however, the disagreement lies in whether this is representative of SIBO . More research is needed to clarifiy this possible link.
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