absolute permeability造句

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  1. It is the ratio of the effective permeability of that phase to the absolute permeability.
  2. The absolute permeability number, which has no units, is determined by the rammed cylindrical specimen.
  3. Ingrain's advances in 3D imaging technology provide oil and gas companies with comprehensive and accurate measurements of reservoir rock properties including porosity, absolute permeability, electrical conductivity, elastic properties and relative permeability.
  4. In addition to the normal fractured ( fissured ) formation data, CBM simulation requires gas content data values at initial pressure, sorption isotherms, diffusion coefficient, and parameters to estimate the changes in absolute permeability as a function of pore-pressure depletion and gas desorption.
  5. The proportionality constant of the porous medium ( which were both unconsolidated sand and consolidated sandstone in the laboratory experiments ), using the new refined equation, is called single-phase permeability or absolute permeability, and is now a pure rock property as the fluid viscosity is explicit in the new flow equation.
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