1. The voting was peaceful and no irregularities were reported, commission chairman Maken Abylov told the ITAR-Tass news agency.
  2. Mambetzhunus Abylov, chairman of the Central Election Commission, said the decision was prompted by a complaint by Kyrgyzstan's prosecutor general.
  3. An investigation by the commission revealed that local authorities had stamped the signature lists but not signed them, as required, Abylov said.
  4. This time, he was running against former Communist Party secretary Absamat Masaliyev and ex-parliament speaker Meditkan Sherimkulov . They won 20 and 3 percent of the vote respectively, Abylov said.
  5. Commission spokesman Mambetzhunus Abylov said 81.8 percent of the former Soviet republic's 2.36 million registered voters cast ballots, far exceeding the 50 percent required to make the vote valid.
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