abyssal depth造句

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  1. It lives on the surface of wood sunken to abyssal depths.
  2. It is native to the northeastern Atlantic Ocean where it occurs at abyssal depths.
  3. This community lives in or near marine abyssal depths.
  4. Some species have colonized abyssal depths near hydrothermal vents.
  5. This also accounts for the lack of eyesight, since almost none of the sun's light penetrates to such abyssal depths.
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  7. The "'Pacific viperfish "', " Chauliodus macouni ", is a predatory fish that lives in the abyssal depths of the deep sea.
  8. The Nintoku system is, however, clearly isolated from Yomei Seamount, about to the north, and Jingu Seamount, about to south, by abyssal depths.
  9. They inhabit abyssal depths in the sea, coastal inlets and freshwater rivers and lakes, and are a major source of food for humans.
  10. ""'Bathymodiolus thermophilus " "'is a species of large, deep water mussel, a abyssal depths when submersible vehicles such as DSV Alvin began exploring the deep ocean.
  11. ""'Osedax roseus " "'is a species of polychaete worm that lives at abyssal depths and is able to sustain itself on the bones of dead whales.
  12. Like many deep-sea fishes, flabby whalefish are thought to undergo nightly vertical migrations; they feed within the upper 700 m of the water column by starlight, and retreat back to the abyssal depths by daybreak.
  13. Among the findings was the fact that tuna dive to astounding depths _ almost 3, 300 feet _ while feeding on squid, and that they maintain constant body temperatures of 77 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit even while swimming at frigid abyssal depths.
  14. Representatives live in gardens, woodland, deserts, and on mountains; in small ditches, great rivers and lakes; in estuaries, mudflats, the rocky intertidal, the sandy subtidal, in the abyssal depths of the oceans including the hydrothermal vents, and numerous other ecological niches, including parasitic ones.
  15. I fear the brush-fire crackle of the breaking wave as it topples into foam; the inward suck of the tidal whirlpool; the loom of a big ocean swell, sinister and dark, in windless calm; the rip, the eddy, the race; the sheer abyssal depth of the water, as one floats, like a trustful beetle on the surface tension.


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