1. rhetoric is abyssal and aberrant
  2. angola abyssal plain
  3. abyssal oceanic basin
  4. abyssal pelagic zone
  5. abyssal benthic zone
  6. It's difficult to find abyssals in a sentence. 用abyssals造句挺難的
  7. based on the results above the author summarizes some points about abyssal gravity cages
  8. the french navy has built an abyssal bathyscaphe to take three men to the floor of the marianas trench
  9. on the basis of many related data from abroad, this thesis is an attempt to simulate the hydrodynamic characters of abyssal gravity cages under the action of currents and waves
  10. language : neraphim speak their own language and slaad . some learn common, which allows them to better communicate with creatures of other planes, and some learn abyssal and celestial
  11. therefore, to enlarge the aquaculture areas and exploit the deep sea is the way we must follow . and the key is the development of abyssal aquaculture cages, to be exact, the storm proof ability of the cages
  12. the carbonate source rocks of middle-upper ordovician in tarim basin are widely distributed in different sedimentary environments at the same period such as platform margin slope, platform inner sag, continental shelf, abyssal basin, etc
  13. observational physical oceanography includes topics such as the physical description of the sea, the physical properties of seawater, methods and measurements, wind-driven ocean circulation, abyssal ocean circulation, boundary processes, and wave motions
  14. nowadays the development of abyssal aquaculture cages is playing an increasingly important role in the sea farming industry in china but meanwhile, there are still some problems arising the sea farming industry in china focus on shoals and bays with good protection in which the water depth is small while the aquaculture density is large . these factors in addition to the pollution problems in the coastal gone have descended the quality of fishes, thus have had some negative effects on the economic benefits
  15. the main achievements of the thesis include : 1 the model design of abyssal aquaculture cages; 2 the hydrodynamic characters of the cages under the action of pure current in the states of floating vs submerging; 3 the hydrodynamic characters of the cages under the action of pure wave in the states of floating vs submerging; 4 the hydrodynamic characters of the cages under the joint action of currents and waves in the states of floating vs submerging; 5 the effects of currents and waves on the exciting forces and motion of the gravity cages
  16. according to the differences of sedimentary facies and environment, the source rock are divided into four types such as lime-mud reef in platform margin, platform inner sag, deep-water flat slope or continental shelf, abyssal basin, the lime-mud reef type is distributed in platform margin of upper ordovician, the remained three types are widely distributed in cambrian-ordovician system
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