accept the fact造句


  1. I couldn't accept the fact that that was me.
  2. She also accepts the fact her name will be Carol Rosenbloom.
  3. He simply does not accept the fact that you would leave.
  4. Not everyone accepts the fact that the Hispanic paradox reflects reality.
  5. Then come to accept the fact that their lives are over.
  6. It's difficult to find accept the fact in a sentence. 用accept the fact造句挺難的
  7. I accept the fact the Iraqi Turkmen have their own dialect.
  8. We accept the fact a lot of students are on a budget,
  9. They cannot accept the fact that a Spanish station has beaten them.
  10. If you believe in evolution, you accept the fact of mutation.
  11. We just had to accept the fact that corruption exists.
  12. They cannot accept the fact that we are building on Har Homa.
  13. You have to move on and accept the fact they pummeled us.
  14. I accept the fact we are not where we want to be.
  15. _Accept the fact that the press corps is there to stay.
  16. Accept the fact that Hillary Clinton is a Big League player now.
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