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  1. Developers have launched competing adblockers which do not have Acceptable Ads programs; uBlock Origin specifically refuses donations.
  2. Adblock Plus has created an independent board to review what is an acceptable ad and what is not.
  3. He also stated that " We have an initiative called Acceptable Ads to support websites with unobtrusive ads.
  4. The Eyeo Corporation has partnered with ComboTag to make it easier for Publishers, Advertisers, Ad Networks, Ad Tech Suppliers to comply with acceptable ads rules,
  5. He said that the company is convinced that the " acceptable ads " business model will be successful and says that the whitelisting criteria are " completely transparent ".
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  7. In response to the " Acceptable Ads " whitelisting, forks of Adblock Plus were created such as the now defunct add-ons Adblock Edge, and Adblock Lite.
  8. The Adblock Edge developer stated " Discontinued in favor of uBlock, a general purpose blocker, that not only outperforms Adblock Edge but is also available on other browsers and, of course, without " Acceptable Ads Whitelist " ."
  9. In 2011 AdBlock Plus and Eyeo attracted considerable controversy from its users when it introduced an " Acceptable Ads " platform to " allow certain non-intrusive ads " ( such as Google AdWords ) to be allowed ( whitelisted ) under the extension's default settings.
  10. In 2012, Adblock Plus's managing director Till Faida told the Swiss newspaper " Thurgauer Zeitung " that the " strategic partners " on Adblock Plus's whitelist would not be named, but that the partnership is part of the company's " Acceptable Ads " whitelist project.
  11. Examples of advertising-supported software include Adblock Plus ( " Acceptable Ads " ), the Windows version of the Internet telephony application Skype, and the Amazon Kindle 3 family of e-book readers, which has versions called " Kindle with Special Offers " that display advertisements on the home page and in sleep mode in exchange for substantially lower pricing.


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