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  1. Document ry acceptance bill
  2. Recognition of the developing status quo of bank acceptance bills businesses in zhouning county
  3. The banker ' s acceptance bill is a trade bill by the special classification to the bill of exchange in our country
  4. With the development of the market economy and the international trade , specially after china joined in wto , the function of banker ' s acceptance bill becomes more and more important as an instrument of payment and circulation
  5. Because of its complication and popular usage , the study of it has both the practical and theoretically effects . the main part of this dissertation takes three real cases for example and tries to analyze the issued problems and the corresponding answers in the activities of acceptance bill
  6. It's difficult to find acceptance bill in a sentence. 用acceptance bill造句挺難的
  7. But with the expansion of the business of the banker ' s acceptance bill , its problems are exposed apparently day by day . it ' s urgent to study the legal system of the banker ' s acceptance bill . we ' d guarantee its circulation and use by the high principle of rule of law
  8. The banker ' s acceptance bill is a special kind of the bill of exchange , having the common characters and functions as an instrument . meanwhile in its legal property it has its specialty , i . e , its legal essence is a kind of valuable security whose debt the bank takes part in performing on its credit
  9. Because of the specialty of its acceptor , it should not only obey the general principle of negotiable instruments , but also follow the bank rules of the acceptance bill . it is one of the most popular used negotiable instruments in financial activities because its acceptor is the bank which enjoys high reputation
  10. Commercial banks need to open commercial bill business for innovation the relevant business are so many as banker ' s acceptance bill under the l / c , negotiation of documentary collection and promissory notes , commercial notes , commercial paper , forfeiting , which are common abroad . the risk for commercial banks mainly in the regulation risk , management risk , and moral risk . we need to control the process , which can ensure the moderate management and well development
    從創新的途徑角度來看,商業銀行要在穩步發展商業匯票業務的同時,努力開拓商業票據業務,與國際業務相關的如信用證項下的銀行承兌匯票貼現業務、保付代理業務和福費廷業務等品種,票據發行便利,票據代理,以及諸如國外盛行的cd (大額可轉讓定單)業務、銀行本票、商業本票、保單等其他業務。


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