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  1. The United States has demanded quick access for inspectors.
  2. The criticism began soon after Annan negotiated a February accord with Baghdad on access for inspectors.
  3. President Truman demands full access for inspectors.
  4. To test his intentions, Washington should see if Russia can influence Iraq to accept unfettered access for inspectors.
  5. Omar invited the IAEA to visit Iraq any time and promised free access for inspectors, the BBC said.
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  7. He invited the agency to visit Iraq any time and promised free access for inspectors, the broadcaster reported.
  8. "If he capitulates now, we'll test him quickly, and if there are any problems with access for inspectors we won't wait around ."
  9. A key question is whether secretive North Korea would be willing to grant enough access for inspectors to verify that it has dismantled its nuclear facilities.
  10. The United States noted that the letter offered no compliance with Security Council resolutions demanding unfettered access for inspectors at any time and in any place.
  11. The resolutions are clear, and those resolutions state that there must be unfettered access for inspectors at any time and in any place, " he said.
  12. The resolution, passed unanimously by the Security Council on Nov . 8, demands full access for inspectors looking for evidence of Iraqi production of weapons of mass destruction.
  13. Annan implied that the U . N . position could be flexible regarding resolutions demanding access for inspectors seeking to identify an eliminate Iraq's biological and chemical weapons facilities.
  14. Albright said the failure to pay the UN debt hurts America's leverage while Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is challenging the UN's authority to demand access for inspectors of biological weapons.
  15. In his report Monday, Blix said the Iraqis were cooperating by granting full access for inspectors, but not by offering evidence to allay suspicions they retain chemical, biological or nuclear weapons programs.
  16. Last February, Washington also vowed that force would be used against Iraq if Saddam broke his promises to U . N . Secretary-General Kofi Annan that he would guarantee complete access for inspectors.
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