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  1. But the United Nations has agreed to allow them access for maintenance and training.
  2. Access for maintenance by the NRCS includes various modes from hiking and skiing to helicopters.
  3. The plan would allow some motorized access for maintenance and emergency vehicles and for the handicapped.
  4. As these communication lines were installed, roadways were added as needed to provide access for maintenance.
  5. The design was so compact that cooling the CPU modules proved effectively impossible, and access for maintenance difficult.
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  7. Electrical cables and air lines have been routed beneath the walkways on opposite sides, allowing easier access for maintenance.
  8. Unusually, a railway was laid through the road tunnel in order to ease access for maintenance and fireproofing work.
  9. Inside cylinders give a more stable ride with less yaw or " nosing " but access for maintenance is more difficult.
  10. By 1925 the vertical arrangement of the engine had been taken advantage of to improve steam porting and access for maintenance.
  11. The original locks, now over 100 years old, allow engineers greater access for maintenance, and are projected to continue operating indefinitely.
  12. statues allow human access for maintenance, but not as part of their normal operation, and are therefore not considered to be towers.
  13. Utility tunnels are usually designed for infrequent access for maintenance and the installation of new utilities, so they tend to be small and often cramped.
  14. Access for maintenance was generally good : a small hatch in the cab gave access to the oil and fuel filters, the injection pump and injectors.
  15. Locomotives fitted with pannier tanks have a lower centre of gravity than those with saddle tanks ( enabling higher speeds on curves ), and access for maintenance is easier than for those fitted with side tanks.
  16. In modern times, the V4's advantages have made it particularly suitable for motorcycles and outboard motors; but the advantages in a car have been found not to be worth the expense, especially as access for maintenance can become more difficult.
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