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  1. Iron Pier, Wading River, and Reeves Beach each offer boating access for residents and visitors alike.
  2. Nearby Cooke Drive is also lined with apartments, allowing local light rail access for residents of these dwellings.
  3. Housing Minister Liz Thompson said on May 11 that the land was to provide beach access for residents who had petitioned the government.
  4. The station is designed as the primary transit access for residents of this small neighborhood of single family homes where bus service is limited.
  5. The residents are worried another rainy spell may result in a cave-in of the main road and cut off access for residents coming out to Jalan Semenyih.
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  7. The developers of BDC, when constructing Lorong B way back in the early 1980s, did so to provide a simple access for residents on both sides of the lane.
  8. "It not only provides a convenient and direct access for residents in the northwest New Territories to Tung Chung but also the new airport at Chek Lap Kok, " he said.
  9. Residents also have access to a Business Centre with meeting room, conference room facilities and a library, all with free WiFi access for residents as well as a cinema, pool, sauna, steam room and gym.
  10. The road was extended in 2005 to the northern suburb of Banksia Grove to provide easy access for residents to Joondalup's city centre, and to provide a complete connecting route to the Brand Highway from the Mitchell Freeway.
  11. The rapid expansion of the region will lead to a heavy drain on the current infrastructure and adequate planning must be undertaken to ensure safe and attractive communities, good schools and a transportation system that provides easy access for residents across the region.
  12. In the early 1990s, as a part of improvements to I-264 and its interchanges, KY 155 was widened to 6 lanes south of the interchange and local access roads were built parallel to it, to provide easier access for residents whose driveways had previously opened onto the highway.


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