account of my life造句


  1. "I thought I'd be able to include many more details in a written account of my life.
  2. These letters were of a direct consequence of a long and very inaccurate account of my life on the island which appeared without my knowledge in the Evening News, London.
  3. "Then I was doing nothing but serious stories, " Hemingway wrote, " but lately I have been feeling so low in my mind that I am sending you the enclosed account of my life in the bull ring with Don Stewart ."
  4. At the age of 82, Lefebvre first publicly announced his intention to consecrate bishops in a sermon at an ordination Mass in 蒫鬾e on 29 June 1987, in which he declared that " Rome is in darkness, in the darkness of error " and that " the bishops of the whole world are following the false ideas of the Council with their ecumenism and liberalism . " He concluded : " This is why it is likely that before I give account of my life to the good Lord, " I shall have to consecrate some bishops " ."
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