1. Databases of unique engine sounds are part of what is known as " acoustic intelligence " or ACINT.
  2. In addition to these direct support operations, CTG 168.3 / EURFAST operated an Acoustic Intelligence ( ACINT ) Analysis laboratory and supervised numerous bilateral intelligence agreements with allied European Navies.
  3. The Italian television mogul said the funds investigated by Milan prosecutors were part of a deal between Principal Communication and Acint Investment and Financing, which is controlled by Tunisian-French movie producer Tarak Ben Ammar.
  4. This includes the collection of passive or active emitted or reflected sounds, pressure waves or vibrations in the atmosphere ( ACOUSTINT ) or in the water ( ACINT ) or conducted through the ground Going well back into the Middle Ages, military engineers would listen to the ground for sounds of telltale digging under fortifications.
  5. :: Well, after they fell into the ocean, it was a little hard for everyone to find work, all that sea water and all, so they pretty much sold exclusive rights to their story to Homer, who went around telling everyone about them for a margianal fee, more recently, as a loophole has been found in acint greek copyright law, the rights have been picked up by the scifichannel, they plan to pay the Atlanains millions for the right to tell their story, oh and something about aliens and a flying city, of course those might have been raelians, not aliens, you never know with these cable channels-- Armen Schrikken 23 : 58, 12 October 2005 ( UTC)
  6. It's difficult to find acint in a sentence. 用acint造句挺難的


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