1. The adherents consider Acintya the supreme god, and all other gods as his manifestations.
  2. Caitanya's philosophy of acintya-bhedbheda-tattva completed the progression to devotional theism.
  3. This is called acintya-bheda-abheda-tattva, inconceivable, simultaneous oneness and difference.
  4. Prayers and offerings are not made directly to Acintya, but only to the other manifestations of the deity.
  5. Caitanya's Gaudiya Vaishnavism, which elucidates the doctrine of Acintya Bheda Abheda ( inconceivable oneness and difference ), is also thought to be panentheistic.
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  7. To comply with regulations, Balinese Hindus have felt the need to reinforce the monotheistic component of their faith, and therefore they emphasised the role of Acintya.
  8. Caitanya, in turn, specified that the Supreme and the j + vas are " inconceivably, simultaneously one and different " ( acintya-bheda-abheda ).
  9. In the Balinese version of Hinduism, the most prominent element in most temples is the " padmasana " or " Lotus Throne ", an empty throne for the supreme deity Acintya.
  10. The conceptually bridging and building poetic device of analogy, as an exemplar where Dharmakaya is evocatively likened to sky and space, is a persistent and pervasive visual metaphor throughout the early Dzogchen and Nyingma literature and functions as a linkage and conduit between the'conceptual'and'conceivable'and the'ineffable'and'inconceivable'( Sanskrit : " acintya " ).


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