1. Investigation revealed that on 26.05.2004, a team of DCB, Ahmedabad City, accused NK Amin, Tarun Barot and IK Chauhan with the assistance of Shri MK Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede, ACIOs of SIB, Ahmedabad abducted the deceased Amjadali from Gota Crossing on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.
  2. Investigation revealed that on 12 June 2004, accused N . K . Amin and Tarun Barot with the assistance of M . K . Sinha and Rajeev Wankhede, ACIOs of SIB, Ahmedabad, abducted Javed and Ishrat Jahan from Vasad Toll booth, District Anand, Gujarat, when they were travelling in the blue Indica car bearing registration no.
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