across flanders造句


  1. He began first to evangelize the pagans of Ghent, later extending his field of operations across Flanders.
  2. Between 1956-1958, there were 128 small German military cemeteries scattered across Flanders consolidated to four.
  3. In the 1991 general elections, the Flemish Bloc surged to 10.6 percent of the vote across Flanders.
  4. Behind this force was a large mixed force of men from across Flanders and the allied army's camp.
  5. It was hard, seeing a band of second-class riders riding across Flanders, scraping up a handful of centimes to help cover the costs.
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  7. It is known for its open-air museum which displays a large collection of historical buildings from across Flanders, presenting the history of rural life in Belgium.
  8. Green died on 23 May 1940 in the days before the evacuation from Dunkirk, his battalion was withdrawing across Flanders in a fighting retreat following the German advances in the Low Countries.
  9. The "'2016 Dwars door Vlaanderen "'( English : " Across Flanders " ) is a one-day road cycling race that took place in Flanders on 23 March 2016.


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