across indiana造句


  1. Henry Stubbs and his sons helped runaway slaves get across Indiana.
  2. Purdue Polytechnic Institute operates eight satellite learning centers across Indiana.
  3. This program invested $ 813 million in new highway construction projects across Indiana.
  4. He continues to be a major fundraiser and advisor to Republican candidates across Indiana.
  5. Still, at Milan High and across Indiana, a strong emphasis on athletics remains.
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  7. Ball State students hail from across Indiana and the United States and around the world.
  8. It is a part of the " Evergreen Indiana " network of libraries across Indiana.
  9. Dvorak has been recognized across Indiana as the leading legislative expert on renewable energy policy.
  10. As their reputation grew, the Sisters of Providence would eventually staff schools across Indiana.
  11. Brooks spoke across Indiana at different functions.
  12. Believing Christians and Jews and even many Muslims across Indiana say let us stand with Israel,
  13. Storms rolled across Indiana and Ohio, accompanied by heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds.
  14. During the Silurian Period ( 420 to 405 MYA ) a shallow sea spread across Indiana.
  15. Another of Ray's key transportation projects was the construction of the Michigan Road across Indiana.
  16. Many of the most popular Across Indiana stories were shot by Chief Videographer Tim R . Swartz.
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