across jupiter造句

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  1. On June 24, 2016 the Waves instrument recorded Juno passing across Jupiter's magnetic field's bow shock.
  2. To regain Tacto's affection, Mori invites him on a scooter tour across Jupiter's rings and they have an accident.
  3. The term can also be used to describe the motion of a Callisto ) across Jupiter, as seen from Earth.
  4. As Juno turns the antennas sweep across Jupiter, each frequency / wavelength capable of seeing a certain distance below the visible cloud tops.
  5. Spots marking the wounds caused by Fragments A, C, E and G are scattered in a line across Jupiter's southern hemisphere and have scarcely faded since they first appeared.
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  7. The bombardment has left a band of dark bruises in a line across Jupiter's southern hemisphere, marks so prominent they can be seen from Earth by observers with small telescopes.
  8. Sulfur and sulfur-based compounds are believed to contribute to the vivid colors splashed across Jupiter's complex cloud system-- the Great Red Spot, and streaks of red, orange and brown in the planet's cloud bands.
  9. They are the sounds made by lightning bolts as they bounce and arc across Jupiter's atmosphere, or the rumblings of electron cyclotron waves flowing through pockets of ionized gas millions of miles ( kilometers ) from Earth.


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