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  1. To achieve this high resolution , the telescope will have to rely on adaptive optics to undo the distortions introduced by atmospheric turbulence
  2. To snap legible photographs of such planets , gmt will use advanced adaptive optics to make images that are 10 times as sharp as those from hubble
    為了能清楚地對這類行星進行快拍, gmt將會采用較先進的自調光學來獲得比哈伯望遠鏡還清晰10倍的影像。
  3. At last , by use of finite analysis software , the compensation of 61 - element deformable mirror is discussed after we apply the protective network to the adaptive optics system
    最后應用有限元分析軟件,討論加入保護網絡后, 61單元變形鏡擬合象差的能力變化。
  4. In order to facilitate the domestic application of mems into adaptive optics , fundamental theory and fabrication technology of micromirrors are presented in this dissertation with analysis to characterize their performance
  5. Mems technology used in the adaptive optics will bring an important influence . based on this purpose some novel deformable mirrors were discussed in the theory and fabrication process
  6. It's difficult to find adaptive optics in a sentence. 用adaptive optics造句挺難的
  7. In this paper , the scheme of mirror - protection circuit is introduced ; the mathematics model is built and confirmed ; and the protective network ' s influence on the stabilization of adaptive optics system is analyzed
  8. The effects of the atmospheric turbulence disturbance for free - space laser communication systems are analyzed in the paper , and the correction of low - order modes with adaptive optics system for wave - front error are also discussed
  9. Common path / common mode adaptive optics is the new way to fulfill the correction of them all . four kinds of cp / cm derivative systems are presented . feasibility and how to realize all the function of cp / cm adaptive optics are analyzed in detail
    常規自適應光學系統僅能有針對性校正其中一部分,而cp cm自適應光學正是針對以上弱點提出的自適應光學新技術,實現了全光路像差的探測與校正,對提高系統的集成性和可靠性都有十分重要的意義。
  10. The resolution of optical system can not reach its diffraction limit because of the phase aberrations caused by atmospheric turbulence and other wavefront errors . adaptive optics technology uses deformable mirrors to perform dynamic phase modulation and endow optical system the ability to decrease the influence of dynamic wavefront errors
  11. Wave - front sensor ( wfs ) is one of the most important constitutions of adaptive optics ( ao ) system and can be applied in astronomy , measurement , laser , optical component testing etc . wave - front curvature - sensor ( wfcs ) is a novel and powerful wfs , which settles the difficulty of wave - front reconstruction for shack ? hartmann ( h - s ) sensor
    波前傳感器是自適應光學系統最重要的組成部分之一。波前曲率傳感器作為一種很有前途的波前傳感器,它可以解決hartmann - shack ( h - s )傳感器波前重構數據處理負擔過重的困難,但其裝置實現比較困難,目前還沒有得到廣泛應用。
  12. The results of strehl ration calculation after low - order modes and tilt part correction at varies atmospheric turbulent intensity and phase spectrum descend efficiency are discussed detailed . the effect o . f laser beam transmission in the turbulent atmosphere with 4 - dimension numerical analog program as well as phase compensation for adaptive optics are studied
  13. Due to the advantages such as short response time , easy operation , and convenient to comprehend the wavefront modes , the hartmann wavefront sensor ( h - wfs ) is widely utilized nowadays in real - time adaptive optics system , turbulence statistical characterization , optical components test , light quality evaluation , laser atmosphere communication , the wavefront correction of ultrahigh power laser pulses , as well as human eye aberrations measurement . the detection accuracy is important to the performance of the whole optical system . considerable efforts have been performed in the investigation of h - wfs wavefront detection techniques in past years
  14. It has many potential applications , including self - adaptive optics , optical computing and optical communications , image processing and real - time holography . in this thesis , we investigate the properties of the phase - conjugate wave produced by the self - pumped in cu : knsbn crystal and by the four - wave mixing in cr : sbn crystal
  15. At the same time , the possibility of using nonlinear optics in widening the detecting wave band of hartmann - shack wavefront sensor is exploringly discussed . adaptive optics guarantees the beam quality of laser projecting system . beam cleanup , atmospheric turbulence compensation and correction of any disturbance and fabrication error in the light way are required to promise a near diffraction beam , but normal adaptive optics system can only correction one of them
  16. In fundamental theory , adaptive optics , electrostatic actuation , flexure beam theory and squeeze film damping are researched ; in fabrication , bulk micro fabrication process and surface micro fabrication process are researched and compared , then the structure parameters and layout of a 8 x 8 micromirror array are designed using summit foundry ; in analysis , analytical and numerical method are used to perform static analysis , modal analysis , transient analysis , frequency analysis and to characterize the farfield performance of this 8x8 micromirror array . finally , in order to realize large scale micromirror array with lower snap down voltage , advices are given for further research
    在基本理論方面,通過對自適應光學,靜電力驅動,彈性梁理論和擠壓薄膜阻尼的研究,確定了微變形鏡的配置方案;在加工方面對體加工工藝, mumps工藝和summit工藝進行了研究與比較,并選用殘余應力小,表面質量好的summit工藝對8 8的微變形鏡陣列原型進行了結構設計與版圖設計;在分析方面主要對微變形鏡單元的靜態特性,模態特性,瞬態響應,頻率響應和8 8規模的微變形鏡陣列的遠場光學模型進行了研究,確定了微變形鏡的性能參數。


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