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  1. Adaptive palettes only work well with a unique image.
  2. But this creates a heavy dependence between the image pixels and its adaptive palette.
  3. To display different images with different adaptive palettes, they must be loaded one by one, as in a slideshow.
  4. Here are samples of four different indexed color images with color patches to show their respective ( and largely incompatible ) adaptive palettes:
  5. Here is an example of what happens when an indexed color image is displayed with any color palette that is not its own adaptive palette:
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  7. Assuming a limited 8-bit depth graphic display, it is necessary to load a given image's adaptive palette into the color hardware registers prior to loading the image surface itself into the frame buffer.
  8. Trying to display different images with adaptive palettes over an 8-bit display usually results in only one image with correct colors, because the images have different palettes and only one can be displayed at a time.
  9. To render an arbitrary image, a programmer may choose to first examine the original image for the most noticeable of these transitions and then assign those colors to one of the registers, a technique known as adaptive palettes.


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