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  1. The Allmusic . com article provides more information on him including additional band membership.
  2. Additional bands toured with include Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, and others.
  3. As they needed additional band members, they placed an advertisement in search of musicians.
  4. You can add additional bands for $ 20 each, faces for $ 50 each.
  5. Some shows also featured a third stage with additional bands.
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  7. Three additional band members were added; one each on bass drum, cymbals, and tenor drums.
  8. Her children Madeleine and Memphis have recorded their first EP with additional band member Sam Humphrey.
  9. Community Trolls, who may have at times included additional band members, performed in public at least twice.
  10. This year, the program has expanded with the formation of an additional band, the Triangle Youth Brass Ensemble.
  11. Additional band members were recruited through connections Rob had made while studying music business at Loyola University New Orleans of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  12. All four singles were co-written by Andrew with Hutchence, while other album tracks were generally written with one or more additional band members.
  13. The principal member is Sparrow Lindgren who frequently works with collaborator Anders Lager on recordings and several additional band members when playing live shows.
  14. Tight tolerance resistors may have three bands for significant figures rather than two, or an additional band indicating temperature coefficient, in units of K.
  15. By the end of the Civil War Missouri had supplied nearly 110, 000 troops to the Confederate Army and additional bands of pro Confederate guerrillas.
  16. Originally, additional band members Manuel Senger ( guitars ), Michael Nepp ( bass ), and Marcellus Puhlemann ( drums ) joined the project as studio musicians.
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