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  1. But twins and other multiple births are exempt from heavy fines imposed for additional births.
  2. There would be 420, 000 additional births, 180, 000 more unsafe abortions and 4, 000 maternal deaths.
  3. His amendment gives states the flexibility to decide if they want to bar additional payments for additional births.
  4. Additional birth control must be used for three months after procedure until a hysterosalpingogram has been performed to confirm blockage.
  5. Since then, hundreds, if not thousands, more donated embryos have been implanted, specialists say, and probably have led to scores of additional births.
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  7. _420, 000 additional births, 180, 000 unsafe abortions and death in childbirth of 4, 000 mothers from reductions in family planning and health services.
  8. The doctor warned Yates that she should consider her own well-being before having more children, and noted that additional births would guarantee future psychotic depression.
  9. With each additional birth, he argues, parents have less time, energy, money and materials such as books and magazines to " invest " in each child.
  10. But if it slips out for more than three hours, the woman must use additional birth control until the ring has been reinserted for seven days.
  11. Along with cosmetic changes to the Ortho Dialpak dispenser holding Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical's nine oral contraceptive brands, women will have additional birth control choices in the near future.
  12. Rick Weidman, vice president of Vietnam Veterans of America, said his group is " pleased that they recognized one additional birth defect in children born to Vietnam veterans ."
  13. If U . S . marital fertility were to return to 30-year-ago levels, they said, the additional births in one year would add $ 274 billion to Social Security's future revenue stream.
  14. If the ring slips out of place for more than three hours, however, the woman must use additional birth control until the ring has been reinserted for seven days, giving the medications time to rise to protective levels again.
  15. Demonstration projects in some states in which both sanctions and rewards were used to help the young women stay in school and prevent repeat pregnancies offer mixed results : they generally fail to prevent additional births but lead to more schooling.
  16. Although American law still prohibits using aid money for abortion services abroad, many family planning and women's health groups receiving American support provide a range of services that may include abortion counseling, especially in cases of extreme poverty where additional births could weaken a mother's health or add unendurable financial burdens.
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