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  1. A new wing , with an additional building area of 5 , 000 square metres , was completed in 2001
  2. Provides links to an overview of building programs in c , compiler and linker options , and additional build tools
    提供一些鏈接,這些鏈接指向有關用c + +生成程序的概述、編譯器和鏈接器選項以及其他生成工具。
  3. Additional buildings include the cha chi - ming science tower which houses specialised facilities and staff offices of the science faculty ; the sir run run shaw building which accommodates the school of communication and central administrative and academic support services ; the yeung shui sang building which houses the student affairs office and various student amenities ; the au shue hung centre for film and television , an integral part of the school of communication ; and the wai hang sports centre ( on adjacent kam shing road )
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