additional finance造句

"additional finance"是什麽意思   


  1. The consequences of slow industrial-country growth and limited additional financing for heavily indebted middle-income countries would be severe .
  2. Additional finance may be necessary to meet expanding needs both at home and abroad
  3. If necessary , additional financing can be arranged through domestic or foreign venture capital firms
  4. The report lay dormant for two years while the company tried to find additional finances to implement its suggestions
  5. Consistent with its objective of promoting the development and liquidity of the residential mortgage market in hong kong , the hkmc is developing the necessary market infrastructure for promoting fixed rate mortgages as an additional financing option for home buyers
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  7. The kdb made similar purchases of the newly issued bonds of five other cash - strapped , debt - burdened korean companies , three of which are other hyundai subsidiaries . the kdb reportedly plans to provide additional financing in the future to hei and other companies to cover $ 15 - 20 billion in bonds coming due in 2001
    “超級301 ”報告列出了美國與各貿易伴之間的爭端,包括與澳大利亞在皮革出口補貼問題上的爭端、與韓國在牛肉進口問題上的爭端、與菲律賓在機動車行業投資問題上的爭端等。


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