additive structure造句

"additive structure"是什麽意思   


  1. In order for this question to have meaning, A must have both additive structure and multiplicative structure.
  2. All drumming patterns could be interpreted within an additive structure, supporting the idea of a universal ametrical organization scheme for rhythm.
  3. The evidence needed was the presence of " additive structure "  a concept comprehensively treated by the German mathematician Otto H鰈der ( H鰈der, 1901 ).
  4. The formulation process is aimed at developing better additive structures by altering the molecular design of our lubricants, anti corrosion products, engine parts detergents, emulsifiers and others.
  5. However, Stevens's reaction was not to conduct experiments to test for the presence of additive structure in sensations, but instead to render the conclusions of the Ferguson committee null and void by proposing a new theory of measurement:
  6. It's difficult to find additive structure in a sentence. 用additive structure造句挺難的
  7. This completely determines c _ 1 by the lift . Moreover, the \ ! \ ! \ ! \ mod p indicates that the calculation can actually be done in \ mathbb { F } _ p, satisfying the basic aim of defining a simple additive structure.
  8. The additive structure of the Hilbert space is important inside the theory, so we cannot just quotient it away once and for all, but one sometimes assumes that the state of one's entire experiment is normalized to \ langle \ psi | \ psi \ rangle = 1 ( which still leaves a choice of " phase ", multiplication with a \ lambda on the unit circle ).
  9. Focusing on a single object " A " in a preadditive category, these facts say that the endomorphism hom-set Hom ( " A ", " A " ) is a one object ( in the same way that a monoid can be viewed as a category with only one object-and forgetting the additive structure of the ring gives us a monoid ).


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