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  1. Thus cardiomyocyte adherens junctions differ from epithelial adherens junctions and desmosomes.
  2. Thus cardiomyocyte adherens junctions differ from epithelial adherens junctions and desmosomes.
  3. The encoded protein affects the formation of adherens junction.
  4. In addition it was shown to participate in adherens junctions and regulate vascular permeability.
  5. This may serve as a mechanism for how actin is recruited to adherens junctions.
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  7. For example, the circumferential contractile actin belts of adherens junctions contribute to cellular morphogenesis.
  8. Nectins are the second major class of transmembrane adhesion molecules at adherens junctions, besides cadherins.
  9. Cadherins form the cell-cell junctional structures known as adherens junctions as well as the desmosomes.
  10. Desmosomes also provide strength and durability to cells and tissues and are located just below adherens junctions.
  11. The adherens junctions consist of large number of proteins including ?-actinin, vinculin and cytoskeletal actin.
  12. Adherens junctions, also called zonula adherens, are multiprotein complexes formed by proteins of the catenin and cadherin families.
  13. Depletion of paracingulin by shRNA in cultured kidney cells ( MDCK ) does not alter tight or adherens junctions organization.
  14. In the outer cells, the cell polarity sequesters AMOT from basolateral adherens junctions to apical domains, thereby suppressing Hippo signaling.
  15. The accepted model has been that adherens junctions serve as a bridge connecting the actin cytoskeleton of neighboring cells through direct interaction.
  16. GPR56 is a target gene for vezatin, an adherens junctions transmembrane protein, which is a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer.
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