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  1. With an eye to the disjoint of law and practice , chapter 1 demonstrates that the adjudicative power shall belong to adjudicator de jure
  2. If one can say criminal trial is the center of criminal procedure , then one should say who should have adjudicative power is the key issue of criminal trial
  3. After demonstrating that adjudicative power shall be allocated to adjudicators de jure , the author discuses the disjoint of adjudicator de jure and adjudicator de facto in section ii of this chapter
  4. When investigation is not monitored with adjudicative power , the findings in such an investigation may be directly used as adjudicatory evidence , adjudicatory justice , judicial independenc e , and the defendant ' s right of defense will be entirely undermined
  5. There exists some malpractices for our traditional civil executive systems in power installation , management and operation , and it should be restructured according to the division theory of administration and rights - and - obligations in the civil executive power : under the condition that executive power is still installed in courts , administrative executive departments should be set up for its full implementation , separate implementation is also encouraged according to the different natures and characteristics of executive and adjudicative powers , and its implementation should be handed to the intermediate courts or higher to guarantee the justice of adjudication
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  7. The proposals aimed at preserving the adjudicatory committee do not overcome these malpractices . thus the adjudicative power of the adjudicatory committee but not the committee itself shall be canceled , and adjudicator de jure shall only be judges and people ' s assessors carrying out criminal trials
  8. With an eye to the systematic of judicial interpretation , the inherent requirement of judicial independence , the nature of criminal adjudication , the accordance of power and responsibili ty , and the semanteme of judicial independence , the author finds out that the principle of " the people ' s courts shall exercise judicial power independently " shall also include the personal independence of individual judges . on this basis , the author reviews the adjudicative power endowed with the adjudicatory committee by law and holds that this provision has its historical significance , yet its application in today brings more malpractice than benefits . its application goes against the justness , the quality and the efficiency of the administration of justice , and goes against the realization of other important functions of the adjudicatory committee , the improvement of the skills and abilities of the judges
    在此基礎上,筆者對我國法律賦予審判委員會實質意義上的裁判權的規定進行了評析,認為,審判委員會行使裁判權,雖然有其存在的歷史原因,但在現在已經是弊大于利,它不利于司法公正,不利于保證案件質量,不利于提高訴訟效率,不利于提高訴訟效益,不利于審判委員會其他職能的正常發揮,不利于提高法官素質,理論界和實務界提出的種種保留審判委員會的裁判權的主張,并不能克服審判委員會行使裁判權的弊端,因此,應當取消審判委員會的裁判權(不是廢除審判委員會) ,法定的裁判者只能是負責個案審判的法官和人民陪審員。


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