1. On rebuilding the system of environmental administrative adjudicative litigation
  2. With an eye to the disjoint of law and practice , chapter 1 demonstrates that the adjudicative power shall belong to adjudicator de jure
  3. The adjudicative fact is different from the objective fact , is only a relative fact , and concerns the question of the truth or falsehood
  4. To grasp the method of adjudicative of punishment correctly is the core of " principle of suiting punishment of crime " and " punishment in keeping with the crime "
  5. 5 . to set up , on the enforcement front , a competition authority empowered with investigative function and a special tribunal with adjudicative function
    5 .在執法方面,小組建議成立一個具審查功能的的監管機構,及一個具仲裁功能的特別審裁處
  6. It's difficult to find adjudicative in a sentence. 用adjudicative造句挺難的
  7. If one can say criminal trial is the center of criminal procedure , then one should say who should have adjudicative power is the key issue of criminal trial
  8. Article 14 . a judge should not ask for information about the lawsuits being handled by other judges unless he is performing adjudicative or administrative duties
  9. We should institutionally ensure that the judicial and procuratorial organs are in a position to exercise adjudicative and procuratorial powers independently and impartially according to law
  10. Adjudicative facts mean the judgments or presumptions made by the trier of fact about the objective facts concerning the case , on the basis of the evidences , through the procedure
  11. Matters of fact and matters of law are the two chief problems which must be resolved in the adjudicative process , so the study on the adjudicative function of jury system is divided into two parts
  12. In the judicial practice , the question of the matching between the adjudicative facts and objective facts as well as the question of the matching between the adjudicative facts and normative facts must be solved at the same time
  13. After demonstrating that adjudicative power shall be allocated to adjudicators de jure , the author discuses the disjoint of adjudicator de jure and adjudicator de facto in section ii of this chapter
  14. The fore half statement of the principle sets up the truth of the adjudicative facts on the basis of the objective facts , the rear half statement of the principle deals with the legitimacy of the adjudicative facts , and the two sides are equally important
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