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  1. what is a adjudicatory hearing  Preceding talk ) 03 : 13, 17 May 2008 ( UTC)
  2. His decision came after an independent and thorough review of testimony provided during an adjudicatory hearing from opponents and proponents to Dirigo.
  3. The commission said USATF's failure to suspend athletes as soon as there was a positive drug test was based solely on concerns that U . S . law prohibits " depriving an athlete of the opportunity to compete without a full adjudicatory hearing ."
  4. In light of Mr . Gingrich's admission to the Statement of Alleged Violation, the subcommittee is of the view that the rules of the committee will not require that an adjudicatory hearing take place; however, a sanction hearing will need to be held under the rules.
  5. Entergy Corporation ( owner of Indian Point ) filed a request for an adjudicatory hearing to review the legal and factual basis of DEC s decision and as of October 2011, Riverkeeper has been in state hearings, arguing that radioactive leaks and the slaughter of a billion fish and other aquatic life annually put Indian Point out of compliance with the water quality permit it needs to continue operating.
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  7.  This has been the most extensive license renewal review to date, including the first adjudicatory hearing of a license renewal application,  said Eric Leeds, NRC s director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation .  The staff s licensing and inspection scrutiny, along with the independent contributions of the ACRS, the ASLB and various citizen groups, should give the people of New Jersey added confidence that Oyster Creek will remain safe during its continued operation . 


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