advance bravely造句

"advance bravely"是什麽意思   


  1. Our soldiers advanced bravely against the enemy
  2. Please bless your team member to advance bravely in the paradise
  3. A life is beautiful , we should not hang our heads in dismay , let ' s advance bravely
  4. Underneath branch is standing for one on the pole only exquisite bird , the fineness the bird body is carved meticulously , is black , beautiful , very elegant slim tail feather satisfactory all over , is raising head being looking up at a high mountain , as if the entirety presses person to advance bravely in prepare to go down a moment leap
  5. In recent years , my county economy and society all causes display fine development tendency , especially from " important open to the outside world , important move merchant in 2006 , xifeng huge construction program emerges in industry garden and county economic development zone , big garden area construction appearance developing , xin cheng town construction never - ending changes and improvements , commerce and trade marketplace scene make prosper since promoting big development strategy " guiding principle suggesting that and the view attracting investments as promoting my county economic growth being brought forward , tone of everywhere , being to summon up all courage and energy to contend for first place , striding over advancing bravely developing , already having established dark labor of jilin , silver dragon corp . , li tang collection coal mine , andeli , lakeshore juice , assisted to prosper in business corp . , day rainbow corp . eight big business ; have expanded wood processing industry , food processing industry , machinery manufacturing industry , energy industry - rization , five big estate
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