advancement of knowledge造句

"advancement of knowledge"是什麽意思   


  1. In partnership with with external academic institutions to pool resources for the advancement of knowledge in different subject areas
  2. The university is committed to the advancement of knowledge and application of state - of - the - art technology in fostering local industries
  3. Joint research units the university has established a number of research units in partnership with external academic institutions to pool resources for the advancement of knowledge in different subject areas
  4. All these urgently call for further development and advancement of knowledge and skills in older adult family counselling so as to prepare those who are caring for this population group to be capable of better responding to such demand and challenges
  5. The teaching and research staff in our faculty look forward to a valuable academic exchange during professor zue s visit . our students will also benefit from professor zue s words of wisdom . such academic exchanges are conducive to the advancement of knowledge and research in our faculty .
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  7. In a context where empirical investigation regarding the relations between the network and innovation , market orientation are still scanty , this thesis makes contributions to the advancement of knowledge in providing new evidence regarding the impact of the network on innovation and market orientation
  8. The relation between the architecture department and the university ; the relation between academic scholarship and architecture , especially as these may affect the teaching of architectural design ; the quality of design educators ; and how to set up methods of evaluating the advancement of knowledge will be examined


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