advances in computer science造句

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  1. Wang's early mathematical achievements contributed to advances in computer science in the 1950s.
  2. And the terms of the argument change with each new advance in computer science.
  3. Those wounded in recent years have been scholars who have made significant advances in computer sciences, psychology and genetics.
  4. Silicon Alley in New York is known for many things, but not as a hotbed for advances in computer science.
  5. More recently, the bomber turned his attention to scholars who have made significant advances in computer sciences, psychology and genetics.
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  7. The latter part of the 1960s and 1970s saw many new CAI ( Computer-Assisted instruction ) projects that built on advances in computer science.
  8. We now have better models for molecular evolution, more refined analysis algorithms and better computing power as a result of advances in computer sciences.
  9. "A purist might say, ` What does this have to do with computer science ?'The answer is these things can't be done without some real advances in computer science ."
  10. Advances towards tackling the complexity of the artificial connection to the retina, optic nerve, or related brain areas, combined with ongoing advances in computer science, are expected to dramatically improve the performance of this technology.
  11. If the dreams of some robot developers come true, recent advances in computer science, artificial intelligence and engineering, coupled with a growing consumer acceptance of electronic gizmos, may soon converge to create a personal robotics industry.
  12. When compared to much less accurate approaches, such as molecular mechanics, " ab initio " methods often take larger amounts of computer time, memory, and disk space, though, with modern advances in computer science and technology such considerations are becoming less of an issue.
  13. Employing 1970s technology, they said, a cracker would need 40 quadrillion years to factor a public key, and even with anticipated advances in computer science and mathematics, they predicted that no one would be able to break the code until well into the next century.
  14. This included a major exhibition entitled, Engineering : Design for Living, which showcased research across a range of disciplines from literature and advances in computer science, to the emergence of  personalised medicine, to demonstrate the way in which engineering ingenuity has and is influencing and improving the way in which we live our lives.


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