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  1. Krashen ' s affective filter hypothesis amp; affective factors in foreign language learning
  2. Analysis of affective filters of non - english majors in learning english
  3. Learning autonomy and affective filter - thought on english learning at vocational schools
  4. The enlightenment from krashen ' s affective filter hypothesis to second language teaching
  5. The third part introduces the theories involved in this investigation . based upon krashen ' s theory of affective filter hypothesis
  6. It's difficult to find affective filter in a sentence. 用affective filter造句挺難的
  7. From the theoretical perspective of acquisition / learning hypothesis , input hypothesis and affective filter hypothesis in sla ( second language acquisition ) , the importance of teaching games is further proved
  8. The third section introduces two theories involved in this investigation . one is krashen ' s affective filter hypothesis in the monitor model and the other is schuman ' s psychological distance in acculturation model
    第三部分是本項研究的理論基礎,主要介紹了克拉申( s . b . krashen )的語言監控模式中的情感過濾假說理論和舒曼( j . schuman )的文化適應模式中的心理距離理論。
  9. The study is based on theory of language acquisition of children - cognitive interaction model , the natural route hypothesis and the affective filter hypothesis posed by krashen , discourse theory and the ideas of pre - school children ' s language education
    本研究是基于兒童語言獲得理論? ?認知相互作用論、克拉申的“習得與學得假設”和“情感過濾假設” 、話語理論以及學前兒童語言教育觀。
  10. They spend most time to do multi - choice exercises and overlook to develop their hearing , speaking , reading and writing skills . the high affective filter inhibited their motivation to some extent . it was also found that proper extracurricular learning might have a positive effect on teaching and learning
  11. Based on krashen ' s second language acquisition theory , this essay in addition to the discussion on the relation between the input hypothesis and the affective filter hypothesis of the theory and college english streaming teaching shows the guidance and elicitation of this theory in order to explore its great potential and push college english teaching to a new stage
  12. Still the importance of interest can be inferred from krashen ' s affective filter hypothesis , which centers around the lowering of anxiety and stress . ( krashen , 1983 ) finally , wilga . m . rivers " idea is presented , for she integrates interest closely with interaction , which counts as the focusing on conveying and receiving messages that contains information of interest ( rivers , 2000 )
    同時,對于興趣的重要藝囪八碩士學位論文wblter ’ stiffisis要性也可以從krashen的情感過濾假設中找到依據。作者同意rivers的觀點,因為她最終將興趣和交互緊密聯系起來。


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