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  1. This is necessary if one wanted the quotient to be an affine algebraic variety.
  2. Thus it is an affine algebraic variety.
  3. Varieties isomorphic to affine algebraic varieties as quasi-projective varieties are called affine varieties; similarly for projective varieties.
  4. A Gr鯾ner basis is a system of ideal whose computation allows the deduction of many properties of the affine algebraic variety defined by the ideal.
  5. In this case, which is the algebraic counterpart of the case of affine algebraic varieties, most of the definitions of the dimension are equivalent.
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  7. In case " G " is a linear algebraic group, it is an affine algebraic variety in affine " N "-space.
  8. This explain why, for simplification, many textbooks write \ mathbb A _ k ^ n = k ^ n, and introduce affine algebraic varieties as the common zeros of polynomial functions over.
  9. This definition is a generalization of the above example to higher dimensions : suppose given an affine algebraic variety " V " and a point " v " of " V ".
  10. Complex manifolds that can be embedded in "'C " "'n " are called Stein manifolds and form a very special class of manifolds including, for example, smooth complex affine algebraic varieties.
  11. Examples of commutative rings include the set of integers equipped with the addition and multiplication operations, the set of polynomials equipped with the addition and multiplication of functions, the coordinate ring of an affine algebraic variety, and the ring of integers of a number field.
  12. Their local objects are affine schemes or prime spectra which are locally ringed spaces which form a category which is antiequivalent to the category of commutative unital rings, extending the duality between the category of affine algebraic varieties over a field " k ", and the category of finitely generated reduced " k "-algebras.


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