1. Mina al-Ahmedi can produce 444, 000 barrels a day.
  2. He mentioned repeatedly Lahori Ahmedi connection of Masood Mahmood in his testimony.
  3. Others who say they are persecuted in Pakistan are Muslims from the Ahmedi sect.
  4. In Pakistan it is illegal for an Ahmedi to claim to be a Muslim.
  5. Mirza Khursheed Ahmed, an Ahmedi leader, said police failed to protect them.
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  7. The other religious group who are persecuted in Pakistan are Muslims from the Ahmedi sect.
  8. The Taliban authorities submitted the names of their peace negotiators to the opposition, said Ahmed Ahmedi.
  9. Iqbal had converted to the Ahmedi sect, which most mainstream Muslims revile as heretical to Islam.
  10. And inspite of the invidious propoganda against me, I will continue to label myself an Ahmedi.
  11. The result of the vote in Kuwait's largest district, Ahmedi, was announced late Wednesday.
  12. Taliban police arrested five people Sunday for carrying weapons, according to Ahmedullah Ahmedi, the police chief.
  13. Facilities at Mina al-Ahmedi, Mina Abdullah and Shuaiba process about 930, 000 barrels a day.
  14. The book profiles the life of Farah Ahmedi from the time she was born until she was seventeen years old.
  15. Shia or Sunni, etc . ) and religious orientation within the sect ( Isnashari, Ahmedi, etc . ).
  16. Born in a highly educated and prominent family, he was a fourth child of Sir Abdul Qadir and Ahmedi Baigum.
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