1. Hundreds of Ahmedis are in jail for trying to practice their religion.
  2. Hundreds of Ahmedis are in jail or charged with blasphemy.
  3. Pakistan changed its constitution to declare Ahmedis non-Muslims.
  4. It declares a minority Muslim sect known as Ahmedis, as non-Muslims.
  5. There are several hundred thousand Ahmedis in Pakistan.
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  7. Mainstream Muslims revile Ahmedis because they believe another prophet followed Islam's prophet Mohammed.
  8. Mainstream Muslims accuse Ahmedis of heresy.
  9. Ahmedis claim to be a sect of Islam, but mainstream Muslims in Pakistan consider them infidels.
  10. Human rights groups have accused successive Pakistani governments of discrimination against Ahmedis . ( az-kh)
  11. Reviled by traditional Muslims as heretics, Ahmedis believe that an Islamic messiah came about 100 years ago.
  12. Sunni Muslims hurled stones at the mosque and homes of Ahmedis before starting the fire, Ahmed said.
  13. Pakistani law has made it a crime for Ahmedis to claim to be Muslims, although they believe they are.
  14. The amendment makes it illegal to " pose " as Muslims, which mainstream Muslims accuse Ahmedis of doing.
  15. In Pakistan, Ahmedis are reviled by mainstream Muslims because they believe that Islam's messiah came 100 years ago.
  16. Ahmedis have been forbidden to pray in mosques, recite the call to pray or perform Muslim ceremonies at marriages and burials.
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