ahmednagar sultanate造句


  1. It was the headquarters of the Ahmednagar Sultanate.
  2. In the Middle Ages, Kalyan was occupied by the Ahmednagar Sultanate who renamed the city as Gulshanabad.
  3. In a battle against the Ahmednagar Sultanate at Dharaseo, the Bijapur army led by him captured all the artillery and Satara fort and tried to declare himself the king.
  4. In 1577, like the Nimbalkars, the two brothers joined the service of the Ahmednagar Sultanate, under Murtaza Nizam Shah I . Maloji became a trusted aide of Malik Amber, who rose to the Prime Ministership of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate.
  5. This gave a pretext for the intervention of Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar, who invaded Berar, imprisoned and put to death Tufal Khan, his son Shams-ul-Mulk, and the ex-king Burhan, and annexed Berar to his own dominions of Ahmednagar sultanate.
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  7. He pushed north-west into the Punjab and also drove south, conquering two further Muslim kingdoms-the Adil Shahis of Bijapur and Qutbshahis of Golconda  to add to the defeat of the Ahmednagar Sultanate that had been accomplished in 1636 while he had been viceroy of the Deccan.
  8. The Bahmani governors of Junnar, Bijapur and Berar refused to acknowledge the authority of Qasim Barid and, in June 1490, Malik Ahmad Nizam-ul-Mulk, the governor of Junnar founded the independent Ahmednagar Sultanate followed by the foundation of the independent Bijapur Sultanate by Yusuf Adil Khan and the Berar Sultanate by Fathullah Imad-ul-Mulk in the same year.


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