aiako harria造句


  1. The Oiartzun rises in the Aiako Harria massif at an altitude higher than 700 m.
  2. Some renowned mountains are Aiako Harria, Hernio, Txindoki, Aizkorri and Izarraitz, amongst others.
  3. Another typical mythological character from "'Aiako Harria "'and Oiartzun is the " intxixu ", who dwells in the mine corridors of " Arditurri ".
  4. Actually, some authors note that the name Oiasso may have applied to the whole valley, arguing that the very name of the Bidasoa River may stem from Latin " via ad Oiasso ", eventually rendering " Bidasoa " in Vasconian wilderness ), with the road being built to connect the Vasconian main town to the mines of " Arditurri " set in the massif of Aiako Harria.
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