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  1. The house is one of the oldest remaining homes in Aiken County.
  2. Lexington One is made up of 360 square miles, stretching from Aiken County.
  3. He also led the commission that selected the site of Aiken County's present-day courthouse.
  4. Shepherd, the Aiken county administrator, was fuming over the assault.
  5. To celebrate Aiken County's 125th anniversary, a stone-and-bronze marker was installed at the county courthouse.
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  7. In Aiken County, S . C ., sheriffs have given out 500 locks since November.
  8. The original intent of the Blackville, Alston and Newberry was for development of Aiken County.
  9. For the past four years Aiken County teams have consecutively won the South Carolina State Championships.
  10. After a redistricting in 1872, Rivers was the state representative from the newly organized Aiken County.
  11. With population increases, in 1871 Aiken County was organized, made up of parts of neighboring counties.
  12. Aiken County was created in 1871; Saluda in 1895; Greenwood in 1897; and McCormick in 1916.
  13. Since 1874, paramilitary terrorist groups such as the Ellenton, both in contested Aiken County, South Carolina.
  14. In South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford made a visit to Aiken County to assess tornado damage.
  15. These three men were founders of Aiken County.
  16. More than 100 black men were killed in Aiken County during the violence, especially at Ellenton, South Carolina.
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