air force 2造句


  1. As vice president, Quayle flew in a cabin in Air Force 2.
  2. Air Force 2 and Affranchi's Gaia Gear finally arrive, driving the Maha forces away.
  3. Gore told reporters aboard Air Force 2 Friday afternoon, as he flew from Denver to Palo Alto, Calif.
  4. He said that in August 1999, workers removed Strandflex engine control cable from a backup plane to Air Force 2.
  5. The Metatron forces deploy the shuttles Air Force 1 and Air Force 2, escorted by Affranchi's Gaia Gear.
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  7. Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 land in Hamar, Norway, where the Metatron members join forces with the local resistance.
  8. He calls Gore " an establishment politician " who travels in Air Force 2, " while I arrive in a van ."
  9. Gore told reporters on Air Force 2 that he was willing to look at proposals for parental notification for minors seeking an abortion _ a less restrictive provision.
  10. "They want to put their candidate on a plane _ paid for by taxpayers _ that's called Air Force 2, " said Bush.
  11. Later, speaking to reporters aboard Air Force 2 en route to New York City, Gore said the White House has received no indication of impending retirements from the Supreme Court.
  12. Gore had arrived in New York on Air Force 2 but could not take it back because the crew, expecting to leave later for Ohio, was still at a Manhattan hotel.
  13. The Pentagon had said the November breakdown of troops was Navy, 12, 000; Army, 4, 900; Air Force 2, 400 and Marine Corps, 2, 200.
  14. But his talk with reporters on Air Force 2 on Tuesday was the first of its kind as he agreed to speak on the record, even if briefly, in the wake of the extraordinary events on Monday.
  15. I'm excited . " ( Reid, Palm Beach Post ) Art includes 3 color photographs-- Gore greeting supporters, Gore talking to civic group and Gore and wife Tipper relaxing on Air Force 2.
  16. He and Craddock appeared on the album " Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 " ( 1970 ), and contributed songs to Alan Price, and Rosetta Hightower ( album " Hightower " ).
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