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  1. They are equipped with a winch to airlift cargo.
  2. The company also launched its own cargo airline which allowed the company to airlift cargo to several destinations abroad as well as locally.
  3. Once the commanders figure out who is going, they and their weapons and logistical supplies are sent on special airlift cargo planes and sealift ships.
  4. In the China Burma India Theater ( CBI ), the C-87 was used to airlift cargo and fuel over the Hump ( the Himalayas ) from India to China.
  5. The mission of the 86th FW was providing air defense for the Berlin Airlift cargo flights, then general air defense, flying patrols along the American and British side of the Soviet occupation zone border as a deterrent to Soviet fighters intruding on western airspace.
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  7. Even as cargo aircraft of all nations since World War II have used nosewheel landing gear undercarriage designs, the " Trapoklappe " concept of a rear loading ramp, that forms the opening rear ventral panel of the fuselage of a cargo aircraft, is a ubiquitous feature of most military airlift cargo aircraft to the present day.
  8. The airline was formed to replace the lift Tower Travel Corporation lost when Flying Tiger Line via a subsidiary, Metro International Airlines, decided to end scheduled and charter commercial passenger service ( although military airlift cargo flights operated by Flying Tiger continued ) and the three Boeing 747s configured for passenger flights were traded to Pan Am in exchange for all-cargo 747 freighter aircraft.


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