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  1. Other types used by 1 OTU included Airspeed Oxfords and Fairey Battles.
  2. During this time Seaman underwent additional training, flying in Airspeed Oxfords.
  3. It was a conversion of Airspeed Oxford military trainers surplus after the Second World War.
  4. On 3 April 1945 the unit moved permanently to RAF Snitterfield using Airspeed Oxfords and Miles Magisters.
  5. The Wasp Junior also powered some versions of the British Avro Anson and Airspeed Oxford twin-engined trainers.
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  7. On 26 April 1943 during World War II an RAAF A25 Airspeed Oxford aircraft crashed killing all four crewmen.
  8. With the approach of war a military version of the Envoy was developed, to be called the Airspeed Oxford.
  9. 16 May 1943 Airspeed Oxford R9983 of No . 15 ( Pilots ) Advanced Flying Unit crashed on take off.
  10. Other aircraft that Tingwell was qualified to fly included the Bristol Blenheim, Martin Baltimore, Bristol Beaufighter and Airspeed Oxford.
  11. The aircraft included 50 Beauforts, 12 Lockheed Hudsons, 25 Airspeed Oxfords, 12 Fairey Battles and one Tiger Moth.
  12. The Museum's most recent restoration project, an Airspeed Oxford, is now on public display since February 2016.
  13. Pilots trained here using Airspeed Oxford aircraft; it is listed as operating from 4 September 1941 to 30 March 1945.
  14. Also based at Holme during 1943 1944 was 23 ( Training ) Group, Flying Training Command flying Airspeed Oxford aircraft.
  15. Magee was flying from nearby RAF Wellingore when his Spitfire collided in mid-air with an Airspeed Oxford from RAF Cranwell.
  16. During this time a small Beam Approach Flight using Airspeed Oxfords used the airfield for a short period learning beam approach landings.
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