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  1. He is buried in the Brisbane Aisle Vault, which is in the small kirkyard next to Skelmorlie Aisle, Largs Old Kirk.
  2. This reconstruction included roofs, aisle vaults, the rebuilding of the apse, the rehabilitation of the facade, opening side windows and the replacement of the pavement.
  3. While the chancel and aisles vaults are stone, the nave is vaulted in oak, perhaps due to the constrained site preventing the buttresses that would be required for the weight of a stone ceiling.
  4. The length ( draught ) of the ropes was increased by lowering the floor of the ringing chamber to the level of the south aisle vault at the same time, also allowing for the new bells to be set lower in the belfry than the old, with the intention of reducing strain on the Medieval structure.
  5. The Baroque look is due to the decorations in the apse semi-dome and in the central aisle vaults : there are frescos by Carlo Borsetti representing the " Trinity ", the " Ascent and glory of Saint Julius with Elijah, Demetrius, Philibert of Jumi鑗es and Audenzio ", all buried in the church together with the patron saint.
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  7. The nave at Chartres features alternating round and octagonal solid cored piers, each of which has four attached half-columns at the cardinal points, two of which ( on the east-west axis ) support the arches of the arcade, one acts as the springing for the aisle vault and one supports the cluster of shafts that rise through the triforium and clerestory to support the high-vault ribs.


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