1. Sargent was listed as the Agent General of the Royal Niger Company 1889 in Akassa.
  2. Taxes imposed by the company on local peoples caused the settlement at Akassa to be attacked in 1895.
  3. Upon emerging from its parent river, Niger, the Nun River flows for almost south to the Gulf of Guinea at Akassa.
  4. More recently, the Akassa Development Foundation was formed in conjunction with Pro-Natura International, Statoil and BP to build local capacity.
  5. Koko assured the British that his part in the rising had been exaggerated, and returned several cannon and a machine-gun looted from Akassa.
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  7. The proximity of Akassa to the Atlantic has made it a traditional trading site in Nigeria and during British colonial years it was the site of an outpost of the Royal Niger Company.
  8. Other important cities besides Yenagoa include Akassa, Lobia, Amassoma ( the home of the Niger Delta University ), Ekeremor, Aliebiri, Peretoru, Twon-Brass, Kaiama, Nembe, Odi, Ogbia, Okpoama Brass, Oporoma, Otuan, Sagbama, Olugbobiri, Peremabiri, and Swali.


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