alanine racemase造句

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  1. Bacteria can have one ( alr gene ) or two alanine racemase genes.
  2. The traditional mechanism attributed to an alanine racemase reaction is that of a two-base mechanism with a PLP-stabilized carbanion intermediate.
  3. Bacterial species with two genes for alanine racemase have one that is continually expressed and one that is inducible, which makes it difficult to target both genes for drug studies.
  4. Seven proteins have been identified in washed exosporium : alanine racemase, inosine hydrolase, ExsF, CotY, ExsY, CotB, and a novel protein, ExsK . CotY, ExsY and CotB are homologues of Bacillus subtilis outer spore coat proteins, but ExsF and ExsK are specific to B . anthracis and other members of the Bacillus cereus group.
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