alanine scanning造句


  1. In addition, alanine scanning is also used to determine which functional motif of Cry4Aa has the mosquitocidal activity.
  2. One good example of alanine scanning is the examination of the role of charged residues on the surface of proteins.
  3. Then shotgun scanning method which combines the concepts of alanine scanning mutagenesis and binomial mutagenesis with phage display technology was used.
  4. Another critical application of alanine scanning is to determine the influence of individual residues on structure and activity in the prototypic cyclotide kalata B1.
  5. Alanine Scanning was used to determine simultaneously the functional contributions of 19 side chains buried at the interface between human growth hormone and the extracellular domain of its receptor.
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  7. The site-directed approach may be done systematically in such techniques as " alanine scanning mutagenesis " whereby residues are systematically mutated to alanine in order to identify residues important to the structure or function of a protein.
  8. In a systematic study on the roles of conserved charged residues on the surface of epithelial sodium channel ( ENaC ), alanine scanning was used to reveal the importance of charged residues for the process of transport of the proteins to the cell surface.


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