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  1. Oscar winner kevin kline the ice storm is " perfection " rolling stone as the elegant and deeply complex porter in a film that offers " knockout performance " gene shalit from natalie cole , elvis costello , sherryl crow , diana krall , alanis morissette and robbie williams , and " melancholy , wi and stule to burn " the philadelphia inquirer ! from paris to venice to broadway to hollywood , the lives of cole kline and linda ashley judd porter were never less than glamorous and wildly unconventional
    奇云格連飾演的波特以舞臺劇觀眾的角度回顧自己的一生,透過一首首由當今樂壇巨星演繹膾炙人口的優雅旋律如let s do it let s fall in love及it s de - lovely等等,一幕幕精采片段,重現波特與妻子同志愛人錯綜復雜的關系。
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