1. They decide on the name of Aleth for the infant.
  2. Throughout the years, Aleth and Lagnus become good friends.
  3. Cassius then escorts the prince and Aleth to Garade.
  4. Once there Aleth and Lagnus run off into the secret dungeon of the temple.
  5. Aleth lost, and the walls, fortress and church were dismantled as punishment.
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  7. It appears that Saint Malo of Aleth was probably born in Wales in approximately 520.
  8. Aleth and Serra must now save Lagnus.
  9. The King then sends Aleth, Lagnus, and Cassius to the religious center of Saleth.
  10. As Aleth and Lagnus leave their secret place, they are ambushed by a group of bandits.
  11. Aleth, Lagnus and the goddess Serra along with Cassius hurry to Garade to save the people.
  12. Saint Malo of Aleth was later driven from the area to Saintes, France by opponents of his mission.
  13. Eventually they begin fight training in their secret place; Aleth wielding a sword, and Lagnus a Lance.
  14. The King then summons his own son, Lagnus in to tell him that Aleth will become his new friend.
  15. Once it is defeated Aleth acquires the gem, and ventures into the next room, where they find the Goddess.
  16. Bishop of Aleth, Brittany, who died in Saintonge about 570; Saint Amand, Bishop of Maastricht ( seventh century ).
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