1. His successors include Gaetano Alimonda ( 1883 91 ) and Agostino Richelmy ( 1897 ).
  2. The Cardinal Archbishop of Turin Gaetano Alimonda.
  3. In 1884 a new great chapel was consecrated by the Archbishop of Torino, Cardinal Alimonda.
  4. He was ordained to the priesthood on 7 June 1884 and received ordination from the Cardinal Archbishop of Turin Gaetano Alimonda.
  5. The name of the square, Piazza Gaetano Alimonda, was crossed off and now the sign reads, " Piazza Carlo Giuliani, a boy, " written in blue marker.
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  7. Piazza Alimonda, the plaza where Giuliani was killed, was unofficially renamed " Piazza Carlo Giuliani " by activists, who erected a memorial there for mementos, photographs, writings and flowers.
  8. The priest, the Rev . Giovanni Timossi, pastor of Our Lady of Salvation church on Piazza Gaetano Alimonda, rushed into the street after that one person, Carlo Giuliani, 23, was shot.
  9. With Giacomo Verde he edited the book + VHS Solo Limoni on the events of Genoa 2001 ( G8 Summit ) and he produced together with the Radio Sherwood team " Il buio su Piazza Alimonda ", a counter-inquiry into Carlo Giuliani s murder.
  10. Some songs about the city of Genoa are part of Italian popular culture like : " Via del Campo " and " La Citt?Vecchia " by Fabrizio de Andr? " Genova per noi " by Paolo Conte, " La Casa in Via del Campo " the song also sung by Amalia Rodrigues and " Piazza Alimonda " the song about the facts of Genoa 2001 by Francesco Guccini


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