allocation algorithms造句


  1. "Optimal " register allocation algorithms based on Integer Programming have been developed by Goodwin and Wilken for regular architectures.
  2. Research has shown that load-balancing can be better achieved through some dynamic allocation algorithms than when done statically.
  3. A simulation of the allocation algorithm was carried out and two 8-week pilot projects were conducted at the Open University and the Fontys University.
  4. One version of the buddy allocation algorithm was described in detail by Donald Knuth in volume 1 of " The Art of Computer Programming ".
  5. An Advanced Resource Pool allocation algorithm allows for high performance with real-time rendering of large-sized, progressively-downloading multimedia files and data encoding.
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  7. "' Bandwidth Guaranteed Polling "'( BGP ) is a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for Ethernet passive optical networks designed by Maode Ma et al . at the National University of Singapore.
  8. The currently used allocation algorithm does not perform a semantic analysis of the question; it allocates peer tutors based on their position in the curriculum relative to the help seeker, their past workload and past ratings.


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